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I recently moved into a house in Northern California and had actually been observing a moldy odor below the kitchen area sink. modular stainless steel kitchen hyderabad It appeared like there was an extremely old past water leakage evaluating from a slightly deformed slice of wood on the bottom of the cabinet, so I let it air out and it seemed to improve. A few weeks later on examined once again since the odor had returned and finally observed a TINY leak originating from where the plumbing trap attaches. It was not very protected so I tightened it well and then cleaned up and disinfected everything. I also put a container of Arm & Hammer Wetness absorber (similar system to Damprid) just to catch any lingering moisture in the air.

However, the smell still lingers two weeks later on and there is absolutely no noticeable leak or viewed wetness throughout the cabinet, drawer, pipelines, or adjacent areas. The snell does not enter the cooking area, thankfully, and only appears to very minorly spread out into the cabinet right next to it. The location around the dishwashing machine, which is on the other side, also has been thoroughly checked and is bone dry.

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One lesson I found out early on was when I positioned some old ice in the stainless steel sink and let it sit too long (numerous hours). This resulted in condensation building on the bottom of the sink itself to the point of it leaking into the cabinet. This is my very first time having a stainless steel sink and after research study, I found out that this condensation is a typical problem, specifically in bars, so it's constantly best to clear a stainless sink of anything very cold or hot after prolonged times. I have not noticed any condensation since that one time with the ice.

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Could normal usage of the sink be developing a damp environment in the under sink cabinet? The moisture absorber has actually noticeably absorbed some wetness, but absolutely nothing crazy and it's been 2 weeks. Besides that old, totally dry deformed slice of wood, there are no noticeable indications of mold/mildew, peeling paint, stained wood, bubbling, etc.

. Very thinking about any thoughts/suggestions! Thank you!